Magic Ice Bar Bergen – A Unique Attraction

A unique attraction – The hottest place to cool down!

Magic Ice is a wondrous winter wonderland constructed from several tons of ice. The ice bar is the work of world renowned ice carvers, they re-craft the bar several times every year. Magic Ice is the gateway to an adventure far removed from everyday life with a feeling of being beamed over to the Arctic Circle. We provide warm poncho and gloves before you step inside the ice bar!

Magic Ice has been wowing visitors in northern Norway, Oslo and Caribbean for more than 12 years and now Bergen.

Welcome to an enchanted atmosphere, a magical adventure! You will find Magic Ice located in the heart of downtown Bergen and only a short walk to attractions such as Bryggen, the Fløibanen funicular and the Fish Market, as well as the aquarium.

Inside you will find of course a fantastic Ice Bar, but you will also find some of the most popular, renowned or famous artists from Norway. One of them is Norway’s most popular artist; he was a painter, lithographer, etcher, and wood engraver. He is looked upon as one of the most significant influences on the development of German and Central European expressionism. His convulsed and tortuous art was formed by the misery and conflicts of his time, and, even more important, by his own unhappy life. Childhood tragedy, intense and dramatic love affairs, alcoholism, and ceaseless traveling are reflected in his works.

You will get your welcome drink served in an ice glass while looking at great art.

Welcome to an enchanted atmosphere, a magical adventure!

Opening Hours

May 15 – September 15: 11:00-23:00(24:00 Fri/Sat)
September 16 – May 14: 16:00-23:00(24:00 Fri/Sat)

Always open when cruise ships are in port earlier. Also open to groups at additional times by appointment.

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Magic Ice welcomes individuals and groups and also caters for special events, whether you are looking for a unique setting for your kick off, or just a get together


C. Sundtsgate 50 – + 47 93008023

Admission Prices

Price: NOK 175

Included welcome drink served in an ice glass while looking at great art, as well as winter poncho and gloves

Kids 50% and also discounted price for families